About Us


Azadeh Monjezi AKA Azi Monjezi, is a mom of twin boys, a wife, a philanthropist, Talk Show Host, an entrepreneur, and absolutely in love with holistic life & nutrition. After having her twin boys, she was searching for a reputable company that has great standards and Certified Organic ingredients for children skin and oral care products.

She came across Azeta Bio brand and fell in love with every single product they make. After visiting their labs and factory in Italy, she was sure this was the brand she wanted to bring to North America and have every child & mother use them. And that is how she became a solo distributor of Azeta Bio products. 

Skin is the largest organ in your body and everything you put on your skin, gets absorbed directly to your blood stream, therefore it was important for her to use non toxic ingredients on their skin and oral care.

We are hoping that all of you out there would love Azeta Bio as much as we do.

Azeta Bio is a Certified Organic Baby & Mommy Oral & Skin Care Brand From Italy Since 1979 and Now Operated By Mothers & Women Entrepreneurs in North America. 

Azeta Bio is 100% Certified Organic and all toothpaste are 98% Certified Organic, NON GMO, BPA FREE, NON TOXIC, ALL NATURAL. 

Made In Italy With Love. 💚