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Having a baby is an overwhelmingly profound experience. The realization of how big of a responsibility it is to raise another human often leads to new parents questioning whether the products they use are safe for their child. Here at Azeta Bio, we strive to provide natural and organic baby products that are effective and safe, as well as unique gifts for baby showers or births.

Natural Baby Products

Many of the everyday personal care products we use contain hazardous ingredients that can cause allergies, hormone disruptions, and can even cause cancer. So why are these untested and unregulated chemicals allowed in our products? Because current U.S. federal regulations have gaping loopholes that companies exploit. This is why we choose to sell Organic Baby Products.

It's one thing to use these chemicals on our own bodies as adults, but it's another story when we're talking about babies. Baby detoxification is not as effective as an adult's so the same ingredients can have a more profound effect on them. Rest easy, use our all-natural baby products to be sure that you use safe products for your baby.

About Us

Azadeh Monjezi, also known as Azi Monjezi, is a mother of twin boys who love holistic living and nutrition. She is also a philanthropist, talk show host, and entrepreneur. After having her boys, she searched for companies that had great standards and certified organic baby for children's skin and oral care products.She discovered the Azeta Bio brand and was charmed by every product they make. After journeying to their labs and factory in Italy, she realized this was the brand she wanted to bring back with her to North America, for all children & mothers to use them. And that is how she became a solo distributor of Azeta Bio products. Our business is locally owned in Vancouver Canada and our products are made in Italy.

About Azeta Bio

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  • Certificate Organic
  • Made In Italy
  • BPA & Toxic FREE
  • All Natural
  • Since 1979


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How To Find The Best Natural Baby Products

As a new mother, I understand how overwhelming life can be with a newborn. You don't have a lot of time for leisurely activities, like shopping for organic baby products.

Any parent wants to buy the safest and healthiest products for their home and baby, like organic baby gel or natural baby sunscreen. However, it's tough to find the time to visit every specialty shop in town while also staying on budget.

This is where Azeta Bio jumps in! We have all of the bio mommy & organic baby products that you need. From organic Talcum to pregnancy-safe toothpaste, we have amazing products that you will love!

For Mommy

If you are looking for natural products for mommy, we have amazing products for you! We know that most of the focus will be on your newborn baby but you still have to take care of yourself. Make sure that you do not use any products that could hurt you or the baby, shop at Azeta Bio.

For Baby

We have a vast array of organic baby products for you. Using organic baby products is healthier and safer than using regular store-bought products. All Azeta Bio products are %100 Certified Organic and Baby/ Kids Toothpaste are %98 Certified Organic.

If you have any questions about our natural baby products or if you want to learn more about Azeta Bio, feel free to contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

⦿ Why are Bio Products So Important For Mommy?

You are sharing everything with your baby, from what you eat to what you put on your body. Make sure that you stay safe for yourself but also prevent passing harmful toxic ingredients to your baby.

With Azeta Bio products, you don’t have to worry, all of our products are safe for both you and your baby.

⦿ But what does "organic" really mean?

Respect for the earth, soil, farmers, and consumers is what certified organic farming is all about. Strict standards are put in place to ensure that no harmful
pesticides or toxic chemical fertilizers are used in the growing process.

To earn the title of being a certified organic manufacturer, each ingredient must go through a rigorous purification process at every stage of production. Our organic baby products are respecting all of those strict guidelines.

⦿ Are Azeta Bio products cruelty-free?

At Azeta Bio, we never test our products or ingredients on animals. This is yet another reason why so many people choose our brand for their bio mommy products or organic baby products.

⦿ I need to know if your products will irritate my or my baby's allergies ?

Only you know what is best and safest for both you and your child. With that in mind, please check our organic baby products' ingredient list to see if any of your known allergens are present.

If you have product safety questions or uncertainties, particularly regarding allergies or ingredients, always speak with your Doctor or Midwife about using certain ingredients during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

⦿ How long will my order take to arrive?

If you have any questions about shipping, please check our Shipping Information page. If that doesn't answer all of your questions, feel free to email or call us directly.